Presenting Stacy!

Age 21
Representing NEW MEXICO USA

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About Me

Hi everyone, I'm Stacy. When people first get to know me they say that I am shy, but I'm actually not, it just takes me a while to open up. I really love modeling, it is something fun just for me. Hope you like my shots!

Our Thoughts

Stacy is an extremely practical, smart, and punctual girl. During the shoot we found out that she is a gamer, which instantly provided tons of conversation topics since we enjoy all sorts of video games as well. In addition to that, Stacy actually works at a video rental shop, imagine all the lucky customers she helps with their gaming needs! As a model Stacy was not fazed by numerous cactuses she had to avoid, or by the curious fishermen we ran into. A bit shy, and without even knowing it, Stacy's beautiful brown eyes enchanted David's camera. We believe those eyes, along with Stacy's beautifully smooth breasts will continue to enchant you for months to come.

My Pics!
PHOTOSET Stacy Hiding Naked
PHOTOSET Stacy Spotted! Girl Getting Naked Outside
PHOTOSET Stacy Look! Naked Teen by our Camp

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My Vids!
Stacy in  - Play Video!
Stacy in  - Play Video!

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