Presenting Rory!

Age 19
Representing TEXAS USA

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About Me

I'm just a girl who likes to have fun, I'm up for just about anything. Sometimes that gets me into trouble...but life is just more fun that way!

Our Thoughts

When we found Rory on a modeling website, we were immediately excited to work with her. A petite blonde with beautiful blue eyes, she matched our vision of a Texas gal perfectly. The day of the shoot turned out to be a 110 degree scorcher in the Texas desert, but Rory handled the situation expertly. She balanced in high heels on an edge of a canyon, hiked a few miles to the shoot location, and was more than happy to wear nothing but a cowboy hat. A true southern gal, at the end of the shoot Rory insisted on giving both our exclusive master art nude photographer David and casting girl Tatyana several hugs before speeding of in her little car. Rory's good attitude, sunny disposition, and beautiful body made our time with her truly enjoyable.

My Pics!
PHOTOSET Rory Stripping in the Wind
PHOTOSET Rory Spotted! Texas Babe Nude Tanning
PHOTOSET Rory Feeling the Warm Air
PHOTOSET Rory Spotted! Naked Chick in Texas!
PHOTOSET Rory Waiting at the Barn

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My Vids!
Rory in  - Play Video!
Rory in  - Play Video!

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