Presenting Heather!

Age 19
Representing New York

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About Me

Greetings fans! My name is Heather and Ive been working with David this year on making some super sexy nude sets for you. Basically, I love to look glamorous and sexy, I love to POP off the photo! My figure is very important to me and I work out all the time. I think it shows in my work here. But, I was pretty shy posing nude actually, I normally only do regular modeling work. After seeing David's work here, I really felt like shedding everything and expressing myself naked for a change. Turns out I really love it!

Our Thoughts

Heather has an amazing face. Its all in the eyes for me, and she grabs your heart the second you see her. Add to that a nude perfect body of absolute tightness and grace, and you have a real taste of the good life in her video and photos.

My Pics!
PHOTOSET Heather Bikini Strip in the Hammock Pack 1

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My Vids!
Heather in  - Play Video!

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