Presenting Felisha!

Age 20
Representing UTAH USA

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About Me

Well, I like going horse back riding! I also love going to the lake or the beach, just anywhere I can enjoy water.

Our Thoughts

Felisha is a bit quiet, but she is certainly not shy. Posing nude for the first time ever, she was immediately comfortable with the camera. Felisha is also extremely flexible, being able to strike poses that will inevitably make your heart skip a couple of beats. Despite being very comfortable and, may we say, looking incredible in high heel shoes, Felisha is a very laid back girl. Her ideal outfit is a pair of sweat pants and a loose t-shirt. Felisha likes the outdoors, loves listening to music, and enjoys exercise. Simply put, working with such an easy going and naturally talented model is a dream for any photographer.

My Pics!
PHOTOSET Felisha I See You Naked
PHOTOSET Felisha Well You Found Me Out!
PHOTOSET Felisha Spotted! Utah Nudist Girl!
PHOTOSET Felisha Showing Off My Figure
PHOTOSET Felisha Nudist in the Park

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My Vids!
Mary in  - Play Video!
Felisha in  - Play Video!
Felisha in  - Play Video!

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