Presenting Elizabeth!

Age 20
Representing LOUISIANA USA

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About Me

About me? I love movie gore, blood, kids, rice crispy treats, and heavy metal. That's about it...!

Our Thoughts

Our Louisiana model Elizabeth is the embodiment of a modern New Orleans gal, a no nonsense rock chick that will make you fall in love with her the second you hear her talk or even catch a glimpse of her piercing smoky eyes. Outgoing, fun, creative, and talkative, Elizabeth is an exceptionally easy model to work with. Even though she is a complete city girl, Elizabeth was ready and enthusiastic about the four mile hike we had to take to get to some of the shoot locations. During the hike we spotted a stranded fish in the middle of a puddle on the trail which Elizabeth promptly rescued and carried to a nearby stream. In addition to her humanistic side Elizabeth is a very artistic and expressive individual. She is very proud of her feminine and colourful tattos, as well as the numerous intimate piercings which you can now explore in glorious detail.

My Pics!
PHOTOSET Elizabeth In the Swamp Forest
PHOTOSET Elizabeth Slipping out of my Dress
PHOTOSET Elizabeth Caught! Nude Girl in the Swamp
PHOTOSET Elizabeth Beauty Found
PHOTOSET Elizabeth Mushroom Picking Nude
PHOTOSET Elizabeth Spying on Her Picnic
PHOTOSET Elizabeth Deep in the Woods

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My Vids!
Elizabeth in  - Play Video!
Elizabeth in  - Play Video!

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