Presenting Elaine!

Age 20
Representing UTAH USA

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About Me

I have a two year old son. He is the most important thing in my life. I love the outdoors and enjoy long walks on the beach even though there is not one where I live:) One day I'd love to be nude on a rollercoaster!

Our Thoughts

Elaine is a social butterfly. When scheduling the shoot, she asked Tatyana if it was okay to bring a friend, another model. Tatyana agreed. When Elaine arrived, she brought TWO other models who were eager to take their clothes off in front of David's lens. The more the merrier! Despite being quite popular with her constantly buzzing cell phone, Elaine was very professional and made sure she turned the phone off for the duration of the shoot. Tall, lean, and perfectly proportioned, Elaine loves to be naked. She had absolutely no problem posing in front of a couple of hikers who came across our shoot. As you can imagine, the hikers were very happy to have run into such a beauty in her birthday suit. We hope to see much more of Elaine on David-Nudes!

My Pics!
PHOTOSET Elaine Nude Suntanning
PHOTOSET Elaine Cutie Pie
PHOTOSET Elaine Dude! Check out that naked chick!
PHOTOSET Elaine Walking Around Nude
PHOTOSET Elaine All On My Own
PHOTOSET Elaine Just Laying Around
PHOTOSET Elaine Family Nudist Outing

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My Vids!
Elaine in  - Play Video!
Mary in  - Play Video!
Elaine in  - Play Video!
Elaine in  - Play Video!

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