Presenting Claire!

Age 18
Representing Arizona, USA

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About Me

I'm in my first year of college studying to be a nurse. I love my friends and all my time is basically split between school and hanging out. I love music and I love outdoors. I can literally sit outside for hours, do my homework, and listen to music. I've been in gymnastics, dance, or ballet since I was little. I'm pretty laid back and usually up for about anything!

Our Thoughts

Clair is easily our all-time favorite model. She is so easy to work with and she always smiles. We've asked her to climb up a mountain nude and do a split at the top and she's happily done it! She can also hold her leg up in a standing split and jump in a circle, which we can all agree is absolutely awesome. She is full of life and being around her is an absolute pleasure.

My Pics!
PHOTOSET Claire Dripping Water
PHOTOSET Claire Peaking In The Shower
PHOTOSET Claire What Is She Up To?
PHOTOSET Claire Watch Her Shave
PHOTOSET Claire Cloudy Day

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